About Us

Pura Vida is a saying used by locals in Costa Rica that means ‘pure life’. It was the pura vida natural lifestyle that inspired me to create simple, soft, eco-friendly baby carriers. Our Pura Vida Slings are simple and effective for carrying your baby hands-free and in style. You can keep your baby close to your heart, cuddled up to you in our super-soft and very lightweight bamboo and linen fabric. Unlike wrap and front carriers, our ring slings are easy and quick to put on and with one hand. That means you don’t need an extra set of hands to tie ties or buckle buckles. Pura Vida Slings are perfect for mommas and poppas on the go, and for families with multiple kiddos.

The ring sling is the easiest and quickest way to wear your little one. The fabric is short and manageable. There’s no wrapping or buckling involved and it can easily be put on by yourself alone. After some practice and use, putting on the sling can be done in just a few seconds. To see it in action, please watch our video tutorial under the How To tab.


We guarantee that our products are not only stylish but also 100% natural, safe and comfortable for you and your little one.
Our goal at Pura Vida Slings is to provide high quality carriers made from the best fabrics that are both stylish and functional. We are totally committed to providing our customers with a wonderful experience and the best customer service. We want to keep you and your baby comfortable, allowing you to bond through traditional babywearing while giving you the freedom to enjoy your day.

We designed our ring sling baby carriers with ease, simplicity and comfort in mind.

Pura Vida Slings are:

  • One size fits most from petite to plus size
  • Vegan and eco-friendly fabric and dyes
  • Lightweight and cool, will wick away moisture and heat in the summer and also keep your baby warm in the winter
  • Adjustable to grow with your baby from newborn through toddler, 8-35 lbs
  • Designed for comfort and to help spread weight evenly
  • Machine washable.
  • Modern baby carrier for stylish moms and dads