Instruction Manual

Seat Position
The optimal position for both front and hip carry styles is the “M” position, or the “froggy” position; with baby seated in a deep squat with knees bent higher than their bottom. This ensures baby’s hips are well supported and encourages their spine to form a “C” shaped curve which is comfortable and safe for their carry and their growth and development.
To help achieve this deep-seated carry in your Pura Vida Sling, ensure the bottom rail of the sling is up and under baby’s bottom and reaching from the back of both knees. It is also desirable to have some fabric from the bottom rail up and in-between both baby and your body; forming a nice deep pocket seat which your baby will ‘sit’ into naturally. Please watch our video tutorial for more information

Head support for newborns and infants
Pura Vida Sling designs also offer an added head and neck support with 3 easy steps to transform your carry:
1. Take the tail of your sling and twist
2. Fold the tail back onto itself so it doubles in thickness
3. Roll down the top rail of your sling and tuck the tail into it securely to produce a soft cushion-like padding for your baby to rest their head and provide support for the neck.

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