Terms and Conditions


Pura Vida Slings are made with fabrics that are all natural woven fibers. You may notice nubs (a lump, or thick place in the yarn of a woven wrap that occurs commonly in the weaving process) or other cosmetic changes throughout the fabric. These accents are purely cosmetic and do not affect safety. They are part of the texture and beautify the fabrics we use. Note: sling colors may slightly vary from one another.


Pura Vida Slings is not responsible for any injuries or death that may occur while using the sling. Please learn and follow our tutorials and safety tips. Please use common sense before and while using the sling. If you see any defects or abnormal wear and tear, please inform us immediately at info@puravidaslings.com. Pura Vida Slings is fully-compliant with The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

General Safety recommendations

Please be sure to read and understand all safety recommendations and information in the instruction manual that comes with your purchase.

Sling should not be worn:
In any situations involving water
Rigorous hiking, climbing, running or playing sports
Riding bikes, motorcycles, vehicles or any moving object